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What is the FFPE?


What is the FFPE?



Founded in 1962, the FFPE has as its aim the defence of the interests of all staff of the European Institutions and of promoting the independence and the excellence of the European Civil Service.



Present in most of the Institutions, the FFPE is a professional organisation, totally independent of political parties and external pressure groups, it embraces a modern trade union spirit, which goes beyond confrontational relationships between employer and employee.



What are the FFPE's objectives?



The FFPE's main objective is to ensure that its members enjoy a high-quality professional career, productive but satisfying in terms of well-being and of personal development. This objective also underpins the health of the European Civil Service. To achieve its goal, the FFPE currently acts in two specific ways:



  • By defending staff interests in the context of the rules applicable to each Institution.

  • The FFPE considers that it is its responsibility to advise and help its members throughout their professional careers and when they leave on retirement.

    Concerning this subject, retired colleagues can check the Seniors of the European Civil Service website which will give them a lot of useful information: SEPS